Released SS Officers have a right to be able to survive with Pride and Dignity.

Brain Storming Session to issue a  Resolution to  apprise Govt to make a Policy for EC & SS Officers in National Interest
Lt. Col (Retd) GurParkash Singh Virk 

   23 July 2021 (Friday)  Lt Col  (Retd) Gur Parkash Singh Virk has took an initiative to organise a  Seminar at Knights Training Academy Landran Mohali follwing all the Covid  guidelines in understanding problems of ‘Released Defence Officers’ of the Emergency Commission (EC), Short Service Commission (SSC) and Women Special Entry scheme (WSES). The main highlights of  ‘Brain Storming Session will be there to issue a  Resolution to apprise  Govt to create a Policy  for EC & SS Offrs in National Interest.' The session started with a "Sarv Dharam Prayers."

 Saluting National Flag by Veterans, Interviews will be followed by a Press Conference. Event will be attended by more than 200 released  Officers from Pan India including few Women Officers . Most of them were War Veterans.

    The released SS Officers often lamented that Short Service Commission in Defence Forces was a farce and most absurd type of entry that made mockery of youth by releasing them from the Armed Forces once they are in prime of youth and have obligations of taking care of Aged Parents, Spouse and growing children. The SS Entry in Defence Services violates the basic Human and Fundamental Rights. 

  The concern was voiced by Lt Col GPS Virk by taking up with Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, The Defence Minister, The Finance Minister, and The Chief of Defence Staff of India in regards to pro-rata OROP for EC, SS and PMR officers above 60 yrs of age which will be very economical and beneficial as it will cost the exchequer appx INR 200 crores only per annum. He added that joining SSC was a Risk and to leave Armed Forces was a compulsion. He further stated that keeping the SS out of One Rank One Pension (OROP) was an Insult of EC / SS / WSES Officers however, the SS Officers were always prepared to Die for the Country. In the end he said that it would be Nation’s Glory if SS Officers are honoured by grant of pro-rata OROP. 

   CEO of Fauji India magazine, Capt Prasoon Kumar stated that released SS Officers have been demanding Pension from Govt since 2019. Since then the issues pertaining to SS Officers are being highlighted in the magazine regularly.

   Capt. Harish Puri is relentlessly pursuing the cause of SS Officers in Courts and Social media.

    Capt. R. K. Bhardwaj a War Veteran of 1971 has played a key role to get ECHS (medical facilities) for the released SS fraternity. He is now actively supporting the OROP movement for released SS Officers too.

    Capt M. S. Uppal has been pursuing the matter and has met the Chief of Army Staff, Defence Minister and Defence Secretary in regards to implementation of OROP. He got SS Officers together and they have moved the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. 

    Col (Dr) Virendra K Sahi, Vir Chakra, PhD a War Decorated Officer sent his message  has shown his resentment that the Govt puts high calibre youth through Five to Fourteen years of hazardous tenure in most trying circumstances and then releases them without any pension or OROP. 

   Lt Gen (Retd) Sanjay Kulkarni, PVSM, AVSM, SC, SM, VSM Ex DG Infantry  stated that the Govt should make an endeavour to ensure that the released SS Officers should be able to survive with Pride and Dignity.

   Col Mehar Dahiya, SC in his message  lamented that the Govt has to formulate a policy to ‘Review and Reset’ the dynamic released SS Officers after 5 to 14 yrs of service. 

   Capt Chanan Singh Sidhu, a war veteran of 1971 said that once commissioned an SS Officer makes equal sacrifices in combat and war environment as the regular commissioned officer, but is given a step-motherly treatment & no speedy justice. He spent 32 yrs in Courts. 
    Capt. Uttam Sing Gill, Capt. K. P. Singh, Capt. B. B. Shinde Pune ), Capt. A. K. Mishra ( Pune ) and Capt. Manish Punia all supported that unique initiative to get pensionary benefits / OROP be made applicable to the released SS Officers and that all endeavour's would be put in to ensure that this amalgamation is taken to a positive cumulative ending.

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